I just got bad news about me not being able to go to The Maine concert in Boston and I want to see if you guys can help a friend out. Here’s the story, one of my best friends in the entire world, she lives in Boston, I live in NJ, sent out a message on facebook to me and 7 other people that she wanted to go see The Maine for her birthday at the December 17th date. Well the other day she was only able to buy 8 tickets from ticket master and then later I found out they had sold out. Anyway, problem was 9 people and only 8 tickets. One was automatically for her obviously and 7 more. It’s hard for my mom to get off from work so I could go up to see them so I hadn’t answered yet and I just found out everyone else has replied with a yes. When I found this out, I’m not sure why but I burst into tears. I love The Maine and my best friend and I have been talking about seeing them together for the longest time. Finding out I’m the one left without a ticket made me sick to my stomach. I was and still am that upset. I never thought I would react like that. And “isn’t there always that one person that can’t go?” is what I thought to myself but somehow everyone is free. Anyway, long story not so short.. my question is CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND A TICKET TO THE BOSTON SHOW. PLEASE. pretty please will all my heart. Or maybe you guys can help me get in contact with Pat or Garrett because maybe they could help me find a ticket? You guys are my family and I know you can help me. I really need you guys. You mean the world to me. Lots of Love. xxx  (write in my ask box or ask me for my email in my ask box if you have any info. PLEASE. thanks guys)

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Posted on October 20th at 10:26 PM
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    Guys, please help her out. I would be devastated if this happened to me. GOOD LUCK! I hope you find a ticket. :)
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